A shared vision to ensure safe and effective care for seniors

About PHS

Everyone at Provider Health Services (PHS) shares the common vision that our mission is to improve the well-being and quality of life for seniors and their providers. How do we do this? The answer is found in the uniquely fundamental nature of how we operate. We call it the PHS Foundation of Care.

We believe action defines leadership. Through our Collaborative Care approach, we are dedicated to actively working together with care facilities and communities as well as other healthcare professional (HCPs) to revolutionize the course of how high-quality, cost-effective care is delivered to patients in Skilled, Long-Term Care, and Assisted Living settings throughout the United States.

This transformation includes employing the highest caliber Physicians and Nurse Practitioners who are educated and focused on the care of patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Long-Term Care, and Assisted Living Facilities. We constantly strive to improve clinical and business processes and to streamline the delivery of care through the seamless integration of advanced electronic information technology, processes, provider education, and communication with our partners.

This simple but powerful focus on this unique place of service brings with it a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and innovation to a growing number of people. It can and does make a difference for patients, families, and healthcare providers alike.

Learn more about our Collaborative Care approach, Clinical Mission and Practice Structure, and see how our Foundation of Care makes a difference for patients and their families, Post Acute and Long-Term Care Facilities, hospitals, and physicians.

Dennis P. Simoneaux
President and COO