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All About Provider Health Services: Mission, Vision, Purpose…
At Provider Health Services (PHS), we share a common mission – to improve the well-being and quality of life for seniors, their family members, and their facility providers. We accomplish this through our fundamental model of care and how we operate. We call it the PHS Foundation of Care.

The PHS Foundation of Care:

A Collaborative Approach

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Patients and their Families

Caring for the elderly presents unique challenges. PHS stands out, among other ways, by our presence and availability to patients and their families.

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The PHS team works closely with our partner facilities to ensure the highest level of care for patients. We also offer sophisticated and convenient Provider assistance with PDPM.

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Our hospital partners are a unique part of the care ecosystem. We work closely with hospitals to ensure continuity of care and reduce readmission rates.

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Attending physicians and facility Medical Directors have relied on PHS Nurse Practitioners for many years to help care for their patients.

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Standing out by reaching out…

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Our senior population deserves the best possible care, including prompt assessments, appropriate and timely follow-ups, and a plan of care designed to meet their short term and long range goals. This is a fundamental mission of every employee in the company.

Our Providers are drawn to geriatrics, where decisions are individualized and, of necessity, less protocol driven. Geriatric care is both a science and an art. Providers have to think outside of the box on a daily basis, for a host of reasons related to the environment, staff and facility capabilities, individual patient needs, and family desires.

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We work not only with the patient, but with the staff, therapists, and family unit as well, which, in this setting, takes being physically available, and is no easy task. Compassionate communication with each involved family member, rooted in education, is a critical and often overlooked component to successfully managing patient care in this environment.

Constant education of facility staff is also an often overlooked critical success factor. To that end, we understand that a vital component of delivering effective care in this environment is for all members of the healthcare team to take into account a patient’s (and their family’s) wishes. That’s what makes our Collaborative Care approach so valuable. We do our best to ensure that all Healthcare Professionals in the PHS family, as well as our corporate partners at SNFs, long-term care facilities, and hospitals, work as an interdisciplinary team to provide the highest level of compassionate and thoughtful care possible for the seniors we serve. This takes focus and time, two values that are in short supply in our current healthcare environment.

Community based collaborative care approach

The team at PHS believes models of care that lead to action define the healthcare change needed in America. Through our Collaborative Care approach, PHS Providers actively work with partner facilities and communities, as well as other healthcare professionals, to revolutionize how high-quality, cost-effective care is delivered to patients in geriatric care settings throughout the U.S.

Two critical components of improved care delivery are:

  • Dedication to work with and employ high-caliber Nurse Practitioners and Physicians who are educated about post-acute and long-term care and are motivated for change.
  • Constant innovation to improve clinical and business processes and to streamline the delivery of care through advanced electronic information technology, processes, provider education, and communication with our partners.

Our expertise and focus in the post-acute space provide our partners with a unique and sometimes surprising spirit of practitioner cooperation, collaboration, and innovation. The difference is immediately noticeable to patients, families, facilities, and healthcare providers.

Dennis Simoneaux
President and COO

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