The team at Provider Health Services has always been a step ahead. PHS lives by four tenants – clinical expertise, competence in hiring, customization and flexibility of the practice model, and compassion for patients, families, and staff. In so doing, PHS has always been in the forefront of post-acute care and sets itself apart.

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PHS provides geriatric care organizations with cost-effective clinical solutions focused on outcome-based decision modeling for care. Our team of experienced clinicians follows AMDA treatment guidelines while providing regional oversight of Long-Term Care (LTC) providers. For our clinical teams, we offer best-in-class education, orientation, and mentoring, which includes practice support, weekly clinical education, and specialized documentation training.


Geriatric care is not implemented through a one size fits all model. PHS offers flexible solutions to meet our partner’s needs and their clinical and business goals. PHS has proven results managing many different provider structures, as well as care and payor models. Further, PHS is experienced in navigating the unique regulatory environments across the U.S., and customizes Management Service Agreements for LTC providers, nursing home owners, and provider groups.


The complex post-acute and LTC environments require sophisticated and intelligent provider decision-making – hiring the best and brightest is one of our differentiators and a core competency of our organization. Using a uniquely designed, proprietary recruitment and placement process, we source and place the very best available APRNs from local communities. There is absolutely no substitute for intelligent, clinically savvy NPs who make good decisions. The PHS guided healthcare professionals deliver on the highest standards in compliance, clinical proficiency, and LTC training guided by evidence-based, data-driven protocols.


Doing business with compassion and empathy is the foundation of our Nurse Practitioner-oriented company. PHS healthcare providers are clinical leaders focused on patient and family needs. Taking the necessary time to complete comprehensive assessments, have important Advance Directive discussions, medication optimization, and transitional care management are just a few of the areas where PHS NPs excel in the support of their patients, their patients’ families, and the staff at their facilities.

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