PHS expands Ochsner partnership

Provider Health Services (PHS) and Ochsner Health System (Ochsner) announced an expanded partnership on the New Orleans North Shore.  This uniquely beneficial partnership has existed on the New Orleans South Shore for nearly two years, and provides enhanced continuity of care to Ochsner patients who are discharged from an Ochsner-affiliated hospital to a Skilled Nursing Facility in the community.  Ochsner patients deserve the highest level of care, and continuity of care into the post-acute setting is critical to maintaining positive clinical momentum.    

September 1, 2020 – New Orleans, LA – Provider Health Services (PHS) and Ochsner Health System (Ochsner) have created a unique partnership to provide enhanced continuity and quality care to Ochsner patients.  A PHS Nurse Practitioner (NP), working very closely with Ochsner Physicians in the community, will provide enhanced clinical assessments and frequent and thorough face-to-face interactions with Ochsner patients recently discharged from an Ochsner – affiliated hospital, resulting in earlier identification and treatment of acute and/or potentially exacerbating chronic conditions that often send recently hospitalized patients back to the hospital.  Immediate and early identification of clinical change is proven to reduce ER visits, unnecessary hospitalizations, and declines in condition of fragile geriatric patients.  This is the level of care that, frankly, Ochsner patients deserve.

PHS has more than ten years’ experience working with and employing high caliber Physicians and NPs who are passionate about post-acute and long-term care.  The team at PHS implements sophisticated processes to recruit, credential, hire, train, and operationally support the very best local Nurse Practitioners who have a burning desire to work with patients in Skilled Nursing, Long-Term Care, Long-Term Acute Care, In-Patient Rehabilitation, and Assisted Living Facilities.

PHS’s post-acute care program delivers specialized expertise utilizing four critical tenets:

  • Clinical Expertisefocused on outcomes-based decision modalities of care following AMDA treatment guidelines and offering best-in-class education, orientation, and mentoring.
  • Competence complex post-acute and LTC environments require sophisticated and intelligent provider decision-making on a daily basis – PHS healthcare professionals deliver the highest standards in compliance and clinical proficiency guided by evidence-based, data-driven protocols.
  • Customizationflexible solutions to meet partner needs and their clinical and business goals – PHS importantly has experience in many different provider environments, structures, payor models, and in navigating the unique regulatory environments across the U.S..
  • CompassionPHS healthcare providers are clinical leaders focused on patient and family needs – taking the necessary time to complete comprehensive assessments, have important Advance Directive discussions with patients and families, optimizing medication and therapy goals, and providing transitional care management.

About PHS

PHS currently supports nearly 200 Providers in more than 500 unique post-acute care settings in the United States. PHS’s post-acute care program delivers specialized expertise with four critical tenets:

 Clinical Expertise, Competence, Customization, and Compassion

PHS healthcare providers are clinical leaders focused on patient and family needs – taking the necessary time to complete comprehensive assessments, have important discussions with patients and families aimed at optimizing medication and therapy/rehabilitation goals, and providing transitional care management in a competent, customized, and compassionate manner.

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About Ochsner

Ochsner Health is a system that delivers health to the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and the Gulf South with a mission to Serve, Heal, Lead, Educate and Innovate. Ochsner Health is a not-for-profit committed to giving back to the communities it serves through preventative screenings, health and wellness resources and partnerships with innovative organizations that share our vision. Ochsner Health healed more than 876,000 people from across the globe in 2019, providing the latest medical breakthroughs and therapies, including digital medicine for chronic conditions and telehealth specialty services. Ochsner Health is a national leader, named the top hospital in Louisiana and a top children’s hospital by U.S. News & World Report. As Louisiana’s leading healthcare educator, Ochsner Health and its partners educate thousands of healthcare professionals annually. Ochsner Health is innovating healthcare by investing in new technologies and research to make world-class care more accessible, affordable, convenient and effective. Ochsner’s team of more than 26,000 employees and 4,500 providers are working to reinvent the future of health and wellness in the region. 

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