President Dennis Simoneaux speaks about news and opportunities for Provider Health Services

Dennis Simoneaux

PHS’ President, Dennis Simoneaux, conducted a virtual town hall meeting in conjunction with the MedTalk times (7am/3pm central) on Thursday, December 16th.  All internal PHS employees were invited, and over 120 participated.

In addition to answering questions, Mr. Simoneaux shared his insight into PHS’ year to date performance, the integration and merger of PHS, AllyAlign Health, and Elite Patient Care, as well as additional background and vision regarding PHS’ participation in CMS’ Direct Contracting Entity in 2022.

Clearly, there are a lot of exciting opportunities at and around PHS.  As Mr. Simoneaux explained, “…healthcare in the United States is literally undergoing transformative change, and we intend for PHS to be on the intentional and purposeful side of this change, learning as we go, as opposed to sitting back and waiting to be victimized by change. Understanding what is changing, how it’s changing, and why it’s changing makes all the difference to the experience and in our ability to meet the needs of patients and our employees in new, innovative, and better ways.”